August 9, 2022
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A Closer Look at Construction’s Unsung Heroes

Road repair on a freeway or a  new apartment complex in the neighborhood  are the kind of construction sites that most people see on a regular basis. But, there are a lot more construction workers doing jobs away from the public’s view that have an enormous impact on our day-to-day lives.

Who are these workers? And where can they be found? Let’s take a closer look at some of the industry’s unsung heroes and how they’re improving quality of life throughout Arizona.


Hydro Heroes

Access to clean water is a necessity — that’s true everywhere, but especially in a place as hot as Arizona. Without it, the Grand Canyon State would probably be unlivable, which makes the folks who install water lines truly lifesavers.

For example, In 2018, workers for the local construction company SSC Underground completed a nearly 400-foot waterline under Arizona State Route 101 in Glendale, and it wasn’t easy: They had to tunnel through difficult soil, while experiencing monsoon rains. But they finished the project on schedule, and now the area’s residents can enjoy all the benefits of clean water access.


Sanitization Saviors

When it comes to important construction work that’s out of sight, Corbins Electric is among the leaders. The Phoenix-based company recently completed a fascinating project at the Scottsdale City Court to provide effective sanitation to  the high traffic the courthouse jury rooms. Electric employees installed commercial-grade germicidal ultraviolet lighting (GUV) systems in these rooms, which emits disinfecting UV-C lighting that kills bacteria, mold, fungi, and combats viruses like COVID-19.

The installation is  the very first  of its kind in Arizona, and  shows the important role construction plays in public health.

“We look forward to sharing this sanitization approach with more businesses soon, and seeing the impact it will bring to the health of communities around Arizona,” Corbins Electric recently shared on LinkedIn.


EV Exemplars

Arizona’s Department of Transportation (ADOT) recently announced plans to build a network of electric vehicle charging stations on alternative fuel corridors and interstates across Arizona.

When big projects like these get underway, multiple construction companies usually take part. For instance, the EV charging stations will need concrete to be poured and a local company like Suntec Concrete could be enlisted. (In Arizona, concrete is poured before the sun comes up — another way construction heroes work away from the public’s view.)

Modern infrastructure is pretty complex, and that makes these kinds of projects a true team effort. We can’t wait to see which companies sign on to help with this forward-thinking project.


Everywhere You Need It

These  examples are just the tip of the iceberg. In reality, most of the things that make present-day living so comfortable are things that require behind-the-scenes construction. Yes, you’ll see skilled tradespeople working in public, but the industry has a lot more unseen, unsung heroes who are building the world we live in, and we’re so glad for everything they do.

The next time you connect to WiFi, turn on the shower, or charge your electric vehicle, remember the hardworking folks who made it possible.