July 1, 2022
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3 Ways Arizona Construction is Building a Better Legacy 

 When you work in construction, you’re doing a whole lot more than simply creating new buildings.  What you build today impacts tomorrow — and lots of local construction companies are now paying greater attention to this future impact.  

Below are examples of how local companies are building stronger, more sustainable futures for their communities — leaving a legacy we can all feel proud of. 


McCarthy’s Green Buildings 

In recent years, McCarthy Building Companies has prioritized sustainability, and they’ve been named one of the top green builders in the country. The net zero energy movement, which seeks fully renewable energy sources, is one of McCarthy’s current key focuses. They’re designing and building structures that produce as much renewable energy onsite as they use in a given year, relying solely on their own power source. More power to you, McCarthy! 


HACI’s Many, Many Arizona Projects

When it comes to green construction, HACI Mechanical Contractors is blazing a beautiful trail. The local company has recently led projects on the following green buildings, all in Arizona: 

LEED Platinum (current project) 

LEED Silver 

LEED (application has been sent in) 


Phoenix’s New VA Outpatient Clinic 

A building’s legacy isn’t just about the energy it uses or produces. It’s also about what’s happening inside the building. 

For instance, Phoenix’s inspiring new VA Outpatient Clinic was subcontracted by Sunland Asphalt and Sunland Concrete, who made it the largest of its kind in the entire United States at 275,000 square feet. It’s projected to conduct more than 500,000 visits with veteran patients a year and also offers primary care, mental health treatment, radiology services, OB-GYN care, pharmacy services and more. This open-office bullpen configuration was designed to improve collaboration and communication, supporting the VA’s Patient-Aligned Care Teams initiative. 

What’s more, the building’s construction crew even included former military service members 


Arizona’s Bright Future

McCarthy, HACI, and numerous other Arizona construction companies, Arizona is now building better skylines with much brighter futures making communities more connected, supported, and able to thrive in the coming years. We look forward to watching these companies, and the dedicated workforces that drive them, as they continue improving the wonderful state of Arizona! 


The Greater Phoenix Chamber Foundation‘s Construction Workforce Initiative, Build Your Future Arizona‘s mission is to create a sustainable and skilled craft workforce by creating awareness about high-paying construction careers, training opportunities and mapping career paths to employment in these high-demand occupations.